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Jul 30, 2017

K2SO and Others Update

Posted by: Keith

I got a bit of painting done this weekend. I have finished the K2SO half-scale head and pictures taken. I am trying to get the time to finish up the project page. I went for a newer looking K2SO head, I really did not have the time to weather and beat it up... I kind of like it this way.

I also did a few more prints. I am a big H. P. Lovecraft fan and did some Cthulhu related prints. I am going to dump them all on one project page. The basic gallery is up, I haven't annotated anything either... another thing to do... These prints are getting me back into painting miniatures again.




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Dec 6, 2017
Category: General
Posted by: Keith

Lots of new stuff posted! 3 new galleries and project pages! 

Galleries: 28mm Bar Set, Props, 3d Printed Cribbage Board

Project pages: 28mm Bar Set, Props, 3d Printed Cribbage Board

Nov 29, 2017
Category: General
Posted by: Keith

Kind of an non update. Lots of stuff to talk about, but not much posted. There are two new galleries: 5th Set of DnD Characters and Call of Cthulhu Figures.



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