Lovecraftian 3d Printer Projects

This is the project page for Lovecraftian 3d Printer Projects. Check out the Gallery for larger pictures and some more notes...


As promised here are the pictures. Keep in mind that I am learning how to paint again after a very long hiatus. And, I am using acrylics instead of enamels... quite a difference. Also, the pictures are in extreme closeup. You can see the layer lines from the 3d prints... These are not my designs, I merely downloaded, printed and painted them. Links to the models are below.

Cthonian1  CthulhuStatue1 dapperdiety1 ElderSign1 ElderThing_front2 Nyarlathotep_crawling_Chaos_front

Here are the links to the thingiverse models.

Cthonian -

Cthuhlu Statue -

Dapper Diety -

Eldersign -

Elder Thing -

Nyarlathotep -