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I almost feel ashamed... almost... I was going to *try* and post something once a month. Well, needless to say, that did not happen. I managed to get the major move in the house done. I am still settling in, finding things, figuring out where to put things.

I have completed  a few little projects, but, alas, I have not documented anything. Among the projects was a 3d cube from RadioShack that I managed to pick up for about 5 dollars on clearance. Let me just add here that you should check out your local RadioShack for clearance deals.I picked up a Panavise Electronics Work Center  for $20! I have picked up microcontroller kits for under $10.

I also put together a grbl board (info here) with stepstick drivers (info here). I got both items off of eBay. All needed some assembly.

I also started looking for a replacement for my old Weller Soldering Iron. It has been very reliable, but lately it has been taking quite a while to heat up and maintain heat. I managed to score a Tenma 2-in-1 Rework Station. It is an awsome upgrade and if you happen to catch it on sale.

I will be working a an article about my RC equipment. It will cover my basic equipment and my current favorite flyer. In case you haven't heard, I got hooked on this through the Maker Hanger. It walks you through the entire process including building your trainer. The good news is that Maker Hanger 2 is almost here. The focus on this one is more on where you can get the parts from US suppliers. Quite a bit of the original Maker Hanger equipment came from HobbyKing International (China). To be fair, alot of the items could be ordered from the US distributer, and more items are becoming available. However, the transmitter radio and recievers could only come from China. However, the series was great in that it walked you through everything you needed to get started. I can't wait for Maker Hanger 2!

More to come,



Well it's February already and no new project posts. In my defense, I have a lot going on. The main item on my plate is a home renovation project. It will be great when it is over. Essentially, moving a couple of rooms around. The upstairs guest room will now be my lab/workroom. The sewing room is being moved in to the office. All of the worktables need to be removed from the walls and the rolling cutting table needed to be cut down a bit. Needless to say, there is a lot of purging and consolidating to do. I got the guest room downstairs, my stuff upstairs and just about set up like I want it. Still a bit to go. The office still needs a fair bit of work too.

I do have a few projects in the queue including some RC stuff. But I realized that I haven't been happy with the project format. It was cumbersome to post new projects and it took way to long to just post one small project. The new format will work more like a blog with a photo gallery. I am still working on the layout. When done, I will be able to post project much faster and they will have a more standard layout.

I am still going to post at least once a month. Hopefully, projects not just updates...



I just wanted to make a quick post to share a link I happened upon. While searching for a data sheet, I found this site:

It is pretty cool for the functionality built into the site. You can snip bits from datasheet, annotate them, view them pretty much anywhere and even get price quotes... genius!

Another great resource, especially for hard to find datasheets is have almost 6 million datasheets on tap, adding more every day. Be sure to check them out too.



Wow! Then end of last year went really fast! I have been doing stuff, though most of it hasn't been for my blog. I do have a couple of things I could post. My main obsession has been RC planes lately. I have built a few, crashed a few and probably should have put up a post. And I probably will.

I did get a few nice goodies for Christmas. I got a Panavise Electronics Workcenter. Really nice. And I also got a 3D LED Cube kit. I want to do that as a project too. I really need to "finish up" my Arty bot project too. I just know that the bluetooth part is going to take some time and doesn't lend itself to photos.

In addition, I am going to be moving my work area, which entails moving the wife's work room first! But it will give me a lot more room and a better setup. Perhaps I will document that too...

I am planning on more regular updates for the new year.



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