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Wow! Another month gone by. Almost two! Too much stuff going on around here and now the holidays are upon us. The weather has started to turn cold and windy, so not much flying time. I did manage to put together another quadcopter. It is a 350 class, slightly larger than the 250 quad that I broke. And another tricopter. 

When I broke the arm on the 250 quad, it messed up a motor, so that left 3 motors for another tricopter. So, I figured what the heck. I put the KK2 HC flight controller on it. It definately behaves differently than the Flip 1.5 flight controller. I really need to take the time and make some pictures as I do these things. At least then I could do up  a project page. 

I also started on a 4x4x4 LED cube. It is going to take a while to get it together. It is using a STC 12C5A60S2 microcontroller, which I know nothing about, but it comes pre-programmed. We will see how that turns out. However, the price for the kit was right at under $10. Of course, I had to wait almost a month for it to arrive from China.

I am not making any promises, but I am hoping to post a few projects over the holidays. I just need to get myself in gear. Wish me luck!




Well, another month has gone by and a lot has happened. I managed to fracture a rib. Don't let anyone tell you it doesn't hurt bad. It does. And it affects your sleep too. You'd be supprised how much you move around at night. Imagine someone poking you in the ribs 2-3 times a night... Not fun. And I started a new job. There always seems like there is so much to do...

I have been flying my tricopter just about every weekend. I am getting more comfortable with it. But I am far from being anything but a novice. I am  proud to say I have flown through several batteries on one outing and haven't had a crash in my last 4 outings.

I am still working on the quads, yes plura. I have a 250 class quad and a 230 class quad. The 230 is small. I had taken the 250 up and landed really hard, but it was minor stuff. Propellers cracked, nothing too serious. But I could not get it to arm afterward. It kept thinking that the throttle wasn't a zero on power up.  I had another Q Brain (4 ESCs in one small package) already on order an coming, so I tried it and it did the same thing. The only other thing it could be is the flight controller. I have already ordered 4 individual ESCs and I may just go ahead and order another flight controller, they cost much.

This is great. two months in a row of making a blog post! Now if I could just get a project a month, I be really on track! When I get my ESCs in, I will do a write up on the 230 class quad. Should be fun.



Wow! Doesn't time fly... But more about that later. As most of you know, my latest obsession (as if I need another one) has been RC stuff... foamy planes mainly, that is until I got turned on to the multicopters! I must say that I have had better luck with them than airplains! I am working on a project page outlining my basic equipment (TX and RX) and what I like about them. I am going to do some more writes ups about my tricopter and my quad (a work in progress). I have a basic write up about the current Maker Hanger 2 series.

I did have a set back a week ago when I broke a rib. Painful, yes, but isn't stopping me. I just have to move a bit slower and a bit more carefully! As my flying skills improve, I will get some video as well...

Standby for more. The project page is in the works!

Edit: I did manage to get my RaspberryPi up as a webserver. It can even support CMS Made Simple! I had almost forgotten about it. I copied one of my websites (downloaded the database, and images/files and installed CMS Made Simple). It is running on my internal network.  If you are interested on how it did it , drop me a line.



I almost feel ashamed... almost... I was going to *try* and post something once a month. Well, needless to say, that did not happen. I managed to get the major move in the house done. I am still settling in, finding things, figuring out where to put things.

I have completed  a few little projects, but, alas, I have not documented anything. Among the projects was a 3d cube from RadioShack that I managed to pick up for about 5 dollars on clearance. Let me just add here that you should check out your local RadioShack for clearance deals.I picked up a Panavise Electronics Work Center  for $20! I have picked up microcontroller kits for under $10.

I also put together a grbl board (info here) with stepstick drivers (info here). I got both items off of eBay. All needed some assembly.

I also started looking for a replacement for my old Weller Soldering Iron. It has been very reliable, but lately it has been taking quite a while to heat up and maintain heat. I managed to score a Tenma 2-in-1 Rework Station. It is an awsome upgrade and if you happen to catch it on sale.

I will be working a an article about my RC equipment. It will cover my basic equipment and my current favorite flyer. In case you haven't heard, I got hooked on this through the Maker Hanger. It walks you through the entire process including building your trainer. The good news is that Maker Hanger 2 is almost here. The focus on this one is more on where you can get the parts from US suppliers. Quite a bit of the original Maker Hanger equipment came from HobbyKing International (China). To be fair, alot of the items could be ordered from the US distributer, and more items are becoming available. However, the transmitter radio and recievers could only come from China. However, the series was great in that it walked you through everything you needed to get started. I can't wait for Maker Hanger 2!

More to come,



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