Talking Skull

I found the start of this project on Thingiverse.  It isn't full size, but it does have two servo movements. The jaw and head, left and right. I then saw another project called Jawduino by Mike at ButtonBanger.  He uses an Arduino and KA2284 LED sound meter module to give the skull 3 degrees of movement to the jaw. I have ordered the KA2284 and am awaiting it. I have the rest of it built and I want it to be motion activated, so I am going to use a RCWL-0516 as the detector and some sort of mp3 player to provide the voice. Perhaps something pirate like? And yes, there are LEDs in the eyes...

The project Gallery is here! There are larger pictures and even some notes...


I got the audio module working. Right now I have it hooked up to my laptop's audio out and playing Youtube videos. I used the Jawduino code from here. It works like a champ. I now need to integrate the motion detector into the code to control the neck. I would love to make it a little bit more directional as it is a 360 degree detection. I sourced a MP3 player that I can integrate with the Arduino to trigger the audio files. I am ordered this one off of eBay. It has a speaker and headphone jack. Should work fine. I am not going to do anything fancy with it, just play sequential audio files.

KA2284Module_Working2 TalkingSkull_Jaw_working



I did some work figuring out how I was going to integrate the RCWL-0516 module into this. It only needs 3 pins - power, ground and and output. When it detects an living object, it outputs 3.3v on the output pin. And by default, it has a range of ~7 meters. I did not realize that it has a 360 degree detection range. That may be an issue. I am wondering if I can shield part of it and make it a bit more directional. The next part of the project is figuring out the KA2284 LED sound level module and getting that working with the arduino moving the jaw. 

RCWL0516_front RCWL0516_back KA2284Module2 audioJack


Here is what I have so far:
talkingSkull_bottom talkingSkull_JawServo talkingSkull_front