Star Wars 74-Z Speeder Bike

This is just one of the three that I got from my wife for our anniversary. The three that Propel has are: T-65 X-WING STARFIGHTERTIE ADVANCED X1, and the 74-Z SPEEDER BIKE. They are all collector's editions that come extremely well packed. The inner box is where it starts to shine... there is a hard wax seal on two sides that you have to cut to open the box. One of them has the serial number on it.


When you pull off the top of the box, the display case inside lights up and starts playing music... Nice touch. And it is different each time the lid is removed. It is recharged using the same cable that charges the drone's batteries. Again, nice touch.

DisplayCase displaycase2


The battery for the drone is the seat. It is shipped with a cover as there is no off switch. Put the battery in and it is on. It ships with 2 batteries and you can order more from Propel's Part Store page. Currently, the batteries are $9.99 each, plus shipping. I ordered some extra props, and it was under $4 from the UK to the US. The charging fixture is designed specifically for the part, so they are not interchangable. The wall wart is a 5v 2a USB charger. It takes about 45 minutes to charge a battery and you will get 6-10 minutes of flying time out of a battery. It also comes with a "training cage" to protect the props while you are learning to fly it. As the props are on the bottom, I think it is a necessity. It also comes with spare parts, extra props, plastic bits that may get broken and the screws to hold it on. They also included a tool to put the props on and remove them. The controller even has screwdriver built into the case! Oh, and did I mention the remote talks too? All sorts of sound bites and effects from the movies. It even has a pull out holder for your smartphone. Yes, it has an app that is your training flight simulator.

batteries_charger TrainingCage spareparts Controller2 screwdriver Controller Controller3

Finally, here is the drone! It isn't very big, but it is quick and quite stable. There is a training mode, where it keeps the drone off the floor and under 6 feet. It can auto land and launch too...

Speeder Speeder2 Speeder3 Speeder4 Speeder5

All of the drones have the same type setups and abilities. There is a battle mode too, where each drone has an IR sensor and laser to 'dog fight'. Too many hits and your drone spirals down to land. I have not tried this myself, but it can support up to, if I remember correctly, 8 per side.  All in all, the total package. 

I have flown the X-Wing and the Speeder Bike. Both behave similarly. I have not unboxed the Tie Advanced yet. However, if it is anything like the others, I will not be disappointed.

As always, larger pictures are in the gallery.