Prusa i3 Mk 2.5 Mod

Back in October 2017 when Prusa announced the Mk3 printer, they also started pre-selling the 2.5 upgrade kit. The upgrade to a full Mk3 was almost the price of a new kit $499. Whereas the Mk2s to 2.5 upgrade was only $149 (and they even gave us a price break on that). If you're upgrading from Mk2, you will NOT get Mk2S parts like u-bolts and new rods/bearings, you have to get them separately - they are currently $49.

Here is what came in the kit:

Magnetic MK52 Heatbed with powder coated PEI spring steel print sheet 12v
Bondtech extruder gears
Filament Sensor
P.I.N.D.A 2 with thermistor
Noctua fan 5v
Black fan-nozzle-shroud from easyABS
200g black PETG filament

The filament is to print the new parts for the extruder and electronics cover. It only comes in black because of the filament sensor is reliable in black. Additionally, you will need to print the parts with the PETG filament BEFORE you tear you printer apart. This will take a bit of time to do, but overall, well worth it. 

The kit comes with a printed manual but it does not actually cover the upgrade process, it is mainly for the setup after. The online manual is excellent and updated. You can find it here. My only suggestion is to read though any comment before you start the steps. Some comments have already been incorporated, some not, but all add some clarity. I even added a few comments here and there. Mainly to clarify things a bit more. I would recommend going through all of the steps first. Kind of previewing before you start. And make sure you are on the correct manual. They all look similar. Trust me... 

Over all it took me about 7 hours to do the complete mod. I could have probably done it a bit quicker, but I have just had shoulder surgery and had one arm in a sling. But I definitely feel that the upgrade is worth it for the new heated bed system alone... I love the fact that I no longer have to take a spatula to my print surface. The print surface comes off and a little flex, and the print pops off. That is awesome. Also, the extruder assembly is more reliable with the bondtech gears. Now the filament is gripped on both sides. And the filament sensor! YEAH! Running out of filament in the middle of a long print job was my nightmare. Now it is not an issue, when detected, it just moves out of the way and ejects the little bit in there. When I notice, it I can change out the filament. It is awesome!

I think, if I bought a new printer, it would be a Mk3, but since I already had the Mk2S, the upgrade make the most sense. The Original Prusa MK3 kit is currently going for $749; the Original Prusa MK2S kit is $599. And in case you cannot tell, I am partial to kits but if you want the assembled and tested versions you can find the Original Prusa MK3 here for $999, or the assembled Original Prusa MK2S for $899.

PrusaMod PrusaMod2 PrusaMod4 PrusaMod5

As always larger pictures are in the Gallery!