First Painted Miniatures

These are the first figures I have painted in quite a while (not counting the Lovecraftian prints). I ordered some paints (Army Painter Mega Paint Set 2017 - scroll down a bit to find it), got some brushes, watched a lot of youtube videos and got busy. As I have said before, I am just learning how to use the paints, washes, and effects. The First Paints gallery closeups show all of my faults. I don't have all of the things I would like to have, such as some basing material, but that is coming. I have also ordered new glasses - it really sucks when you start getting older! Without further delays, here they are and some notes along the way...

Hannibal the Monster

Hannibal the Monster Front Hannibal the Monster - back Hannibal the Monster - Left Hannibal the Monster - Right

Ok, to start with, I did not do much prep on the model itself. I also printed it on a higher resolution (.30mm) to speed up the printing process. You can see some of the layer lines in many of the pictures. If you click on the image, it will open a new window with the big picture. He is also a rather large model at 135mm tall - that by itself, is a challenge. I am still learning how to use layers and washes and it shows here. I may reprint him at a higher resolution (.15 perhaps) and see what happens. I found the model here:

Yoda with Ninja Skills

Yoda - Front Yoda - Back Yoda - Left Yoda - Right

Here is another 3d print. What can I say, I like Star Wars! There isn't a lot of detail in the robes or accessories. The model is about80mm tall. Everything but the head has minimal details. I may try to find a model with a bit more details. I found the model here:

The Coffer Bearer

the coffer bearer - front the coffer bearer - back the coffer bearer - left the coffer bearer - right

This takes me way back... this model is from a Grenadier Dragonlords 2004 Hireling Crew set. I also found another box set, Halfling Party and a Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures set Heroes II.  This guy is known as the coffer bearer from the Hireling Crew set. He is on a base that I 3d printed, then glued the finished mini to. His base is metal and really small for the model. I filled the base around the mini with DAP Crack Shot High Performance Spackling Paste. Even the rocks are made with it. I think it turned out ok, but I am holding out on finishing any other minis until I get some proper base finishing materials. It would look a lot better with some grass actually standing up and some grit for dirt.