Basing the Mini

Here is the first mini that I have done some basing work. The painting is still a work in progress. I know that I need a  lot more practice. But I believe the base work turned out rather well. I used the Army Painter Battlefields Basing Set (scroll down a bit to find it). This model is the Human Swiftling Disciple for the Chainmail Miniatures game that is from the Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures set, Heroes II. Agiain, this is more about the base than the actual painting of the mini. As always, you can see all of the pictures in the gallery.

Human Swiftling Disciple

Swiftling Disciple - front  Swiftling Disciple - back Swiftling Disciple - Left Swiftling Disciple - right Swiftling Disciple - base detail

I think overall, the base is a success. I still need to work on my faces a bit more. I am pretty happy overall with the mini.

Ok, to start with, I did not do much prep on the model itself. I also printed it on a higher resolution (.30mm) to speed up the printing process. You can see some of the layer lines in many of the pictures. If you click on the image, it will open a new window with the big picture. He is also a rather large model at 135mm tall - that by itself, is a challenge. I am still learning how to use layers and washes and it shows here. I may reprint him at a higher resolution (.15 perhaps) and see what happens. I found the model here: