3d Printed Cribbage Board

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Here is a 3d printed Cribbage board. These are not my designs, I merely downloaded, printed and painted them. Links to the model is below. It uses 3mm magnets that I ordered off of eBay. The pegs are even 3d printed. I used black, orange and white PLA in the printing. I used a black Sharpie to paint the line between the lanes. The cavity in the bottom holds the pins when folded and the magnets hold it together. All in all, a really neat design. As for the assembly, I used superglue to attach the hole pieces and the magnets are pressed in. They are very snug. I took an Exacto knife and slightly trimmed the edges. When working with really small magnets, it help to put them on a piece of metal to press them in.

Cribbage Board  Cribbage Board back

Cribbage Board folded Cribbage Board magnets  

Here are the links to the thingiverse model.

3d Printed Cribbage Board - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2078702