Oct 1, 2010

October 1, 2010

Posted by: Keith

Well, it is October. We finally have an offer on our condo in Anchorage and we are will settling into our new house here in Sparks Nevada. So, I haven't started any projects yet.

I still need to get my lab area setup, but the priority is for the home office to get sorted out first. It is getting there. Moving into a new house brings a lot of work with it: I have installed solar lights, and motion detectors around the back yard. Installed curtains and blinds (and more to go)... Then I can set the lab up and get to work.

I do have an idea for my first project though. It seems that pidgeons like our new house. They are quite messy. I am formulating a non-lethal idea to scare them off... Interested? Check back later...