Oct 15, 2018
Category: General
Posted by: Keith

Life is been way to busy. I need to get some pictures taken and write up a few things... More to come.

May 2, 2018
Category: General
Posted by: Keith

The Star Wars Speeder Bike page is up! I also got the galleries up for the Speeder Bike and my Prusa i3 Mk2 mod to 2.5! I will be doing a a write up on my Prusa upgrade shortly.

Apr 26, 2018
Category: General
Posted by: Keith

I just got the 3 new Star Wars Propel Drones! Will be taking pictures soon.

Apr 16, 2018
Category: General
Posted by: Keith

I am rebuilding the site from scratch. But I do have the images and text. Just not and an easily importable form...It is going to take time to fix. I am not going to re-add all of the news articles.

Most links will be broken until I can fix them. Some will not be fix - the old site is gone. No time to fix it.

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Jul 30, 2018

Another busy month...

Posted by: Keith

June flew by... I haven't been painting much, but I did get some stuff primed for painting. My sister came for a visit and we stayed really busy the whole time she was here. But I did manage to get one project done...

I made a RaspberryPi Echo Dot clone.... and it works, just like the Amazon Echo Dot. Keep in mind, if you had to buy everything, you could probably gotten 2 dots. BUT, what fun would that be and I can extend it to use the GPIO on the RPi. The only thing I had to buy was as usb microphone. - I had everything else on hand.

You can find a walk through on Lifehacker. I did mine as a part of a stackskills course, The 2018 Ultimate Guide to Raspberry Pi. It was $9.99 and covers a lot of ground for the price, from webservers to camera servers, but the final project is to build an Echo Dot clone. Now I need to learn how to set up skills.

I plan on taking some photos and doing a little write up on it. I am just not quite there yet.