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Sep 25, 2017
Posted by: Keith

Time is just flying by. Work has been really busy as well as real life. I finally got all of the bits for the talking skull. I still need to work on the code a bit, well, a lot actually. I will get there. Just going to take me a bit to get it done. I am actually thinking about using a different skull, something full sized. I may 3d print one, or just use one I already have on hand and just do some surgery on it. 

I got a few more of the hireling crew painted up. I also got an airbrush compressor to start using. I am hoping it will help with the quality of the paint job and speed up the process a bit. The last 3 minis can be seen here. I have also painted another 3d print of what I am calling a Dwarven still. It is a mash up of about 3 different prints. OpenForge 2.0's Cut-Stone Floor, and Cut-Stone Pillar; both from thingiverse. They have a lot of other dungeon tile stuff and I used two different bits to do the columns and the floor. The 28mm Still is by KawCleric on thingiverse. I think it turned it pretty good. See it painted here. I need to get the Dwarven brewmiester painted...

I am hoping to get more done soon. So, just stand by...



Aug 20, 2017
Posted by: Keith

My basing materials arrived, so I was able to finish up the mini I was holding for that. I put the pictures up in the gallery. I also did a little project write up which you can see here. I also primed a few more of the Hireling Crew and another 3d printed model of a monster as well.

I still haven't gotten the parts for the Talking Skull yet... Though, the package is in the U.S. at least.





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Dec 6, 2017
Category: General
Posted by: Keith

Lots of new stuff posted! 3 new galleries and project pages! 

Galleries: 28mm Bar Set, Props, 3d Printed Cribbage Board

Project pages: 28mm Bar Set, Props, 3d Printed Cribbage Board

Nov 29, 2017
Category: General
Posted by: Keith

Kind of an non update. Lots of stuff to talk about, but not much posted. There are two new galleries: 5th Set of DnD Characters and Call of Cthulhu Figures.



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