Talking Skull Gallery

Apr 18, 2018

All data has been re-entered!

Posted by: Keith

I have pretty much all of the data re-entered. I have some links to fix. I corrected some structural errors, but that broke some links. Most have been fixed. I am going to add some more pages too, but that can come later.

My CMS Made Simple is now on the current version, 2.2.7. I am not sure what happened. But it pooched really bad and was pretty much non-recoverable. I managed to get the data (text and pictures) back, but I had to manually build pages and paste the data in. What a pain! 

I guess it was partially my fault for not checking on my site very often. I had a lot of things going on. No excuses, it was what it was. I have bunch of stuff in the wings. A few robotics projects, and a big upgrade for my Original Prusa i3 mk2s to the 2.5 version. I have a few more parts to print and I will be ready to do the upgrade.

We will have to see how it goes. Thanks for your patience.