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Spinner 1381 SE Basic Schematic

1381SE Basic schematic from

Circuit used: 1381SE
Construction Notes:
This is one of the first spinners that I made. The circuit is a 1381SE. It is really easy to freeform the circuit. The white stuff (white-out&tm;) is on the transistors. I covered the all of the top of one and half of the other to be able to identify them when I could not see the part numbers. The circuit charges for about a minuite in bright sunlight, the spins for about 5 seconds. I used a 1381J which triggers at 2.7 volts. I used four 3300uF capacitors with two in parallel for a total of 6600uF of storage. A larger solar cell would allow it to charge and fire faster. The gears were salvaged from an old cdrom drive as was the motor. One variant of the circuit is listed on the page is adding a photodiode to provide light sensitivity. Experiment and have fun!

Freeform Schematic
Freeform Schematic from
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