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SPAI SPAI Schematic

SPAI schmatic from
Mr. MV BEAM's website

Circuit used: SPAI
Construction Notes:
SPAI stands for Short Period Astetics Intelligence. They are made with as few as 6 componenets. The main component I used was the 74ACT14. There is a 3.3v rechargable battery underneath and two red LEDs to detect the direction of the light. The motors are two pager motors that I got off of EBay (just search for pager motor). The colored bits on the pager motors are heat shrink tubing, cut and layered. They give the motors some traction. The 'tail' is a switch to turn it off. This guy is pretty small, but check out Mr. MV BEAM's website for an even smaller version and some of his other 'bots.



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