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Finished Polargraph

OrangeRX T-Six Mode 2 transmitter
Here is the manual.

Maker Trainer

OrangeRx R615 Spektrum/JR DSM2 Compatible 6Ch 2.4Ghz Receiver

Here is the manual.

September 2014: Maker Hanger 2 started at the end of June. Lucas Weakly will walk you though building and flying a Tricopter and the Maker Trainer 2. Tricopters have facinated me for quite a while, so I decide to build and fly one. The actual first espisode is about the tricopter. The beauty of the series is that you don't have to purchase his kit, you can make your own. I based mine one from www.rcexplorer.se, David Windestal's great site. I based my final model on the "coffin body" which was orignially designed by David Windestal. I purchased everything else as recommended. I deciced on the MWC FLIP 1.5, the price is right - base model starts at $15 - from ReadyToFlyQuads.

Maker Hanger 2 YouTube Channel

You can order almost everything from US sources, including HobbyKing (they now have TWO US warehouses East and West!) BUT the Orange T-6 is only available, for now, from the international warehouse. I am considering getting a Turnigy 9XR, however, it is a bit more complicated than the Orange T-6. And you will need a transmitter module. You can get an OrangeRX/DSMX/DSM2 module that will work with existing OrangeRX recievers. The cost is a bit more (a little over $100 for the radio and module), BUT you get more capability in a radio. Check out the manual.

There is also a Google hangout community for the building hints and flying tips as well.

You may just wish to watch all of the videos and see if it would be something you'd like to do.

I have been flying my tricopter for almost a month now. I just managed to fly my tricopter until my battery alarm went off! That is a first for me. I am still practicing hovering and going out and back... well mainly out, then I walk to it and fly it back...

For those who want the specs on the radio...

OrangeRx T-SIX 2.4GHz DSM2 6CH Programmable Transmitter w/10 Model Memory (Mode 2) $64.99 (International)

• Compatible with all DSM2 Receivers
• 6 Channel Operation
• Supports 3 Wing/Tail Mixes (Dual Aileron/Elevon/V-Tail)
• Supports 2 Swashplate Types (1 Servo 90°/CCPM 120°)
• 5 Point Graphic Pitch/Throttle Curves
• Adjustable Gyro Gain
• Dual Rates and Exponential
• Servo Reversing (all 6 channels)
• Channel Mixing
• Sub Trim and Travel Adjust
• Flaps and Differential
• Throttle Hold
• Large Backlit LCD Display
• 10 Model Memory
• Adjustable RF Power Output (US and EU Selectable via Menu)
• Integrated Timer
• Adjustable Stick Length
• Trainer Port
• Supports Alkaline, NiMH, NiCd, LiPo and LiFe batteries

Frequency: 2.4GHz
Modulation: DSM2
No. of Channels: 6
Model Memory: 10
Stick Mode: Mode 2 (left stick throttle)

If you have any questions about this project, email me.

Maker Trainer Bottom

This is the worst that could have happened. I damaged all 3 motors, 1 ESC, the tail servo hinge, two arms, and a battery.

Click image for a larger picture!

Maker Trainer Folded

Here is the new and improved model. The legs are designed to snap off rather breaking a leg. I may just have to do a seperate write up on the copter.

Click image for a larger picture!


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