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JingleBot MillerSE Schematic

Miller SE schmatic from CostaRicaBEAM

Circuit used: Miller SE

Construction Notes:
I substituted 2200uf capacitor for the 4700uf shown. R1 depends on load. My setup did not need a resistor, but testing will tell. I would suggest breadboarding the circuit first. It will save you lots of pain later. I used a 1381L which trips at 3.1v, but it will vary based on your 1381. I used two 2.4v cells in series which provided a good 4v to charge the capacitor, charging time will vary based on solar cell output and capacitor size. I free-formed the circuit around motor. I orginally used this as a Christmas tree ornament and just had it hanging on the tree with the solar cells pointing toward a window. After Christmas, I decided to make a frame for it and sit it in a window. The frame was built up from left over hard drive parts and brass wire. I used finer brass wire to mount the bell (it gave them a bit more 'jingle').

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