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Note and Disclaimer: Soldering irons get hot. If you solder enough, or not carefully enough, you will get burned. Oh, and wear eye protection!

I am not going back over the tools or why you may want to salvage electronics in this write up. You may want to take a look at the first article, . I am pretty much just going to show what I found during the process and some observations.

The Victim - DVD PlayerThe “victim” for this project is an old APEX AD-1500 DVD player that started acting really cantankerous. Sometimes it would work, other times it was a lottery! The parts I was looking for were: the DVD drive, power board, video board, and the LCD assembly. It isn’t really usable, but it does have some momentary switches mounted on it and an IR reciever. DVD Drive

The DVD drive was totally analog. This is quite a surprise. There is usually at least one stepper motor in these type of drives. But it is a bonus for me! Extra motors are always welcome. I also got some mounting hardware: springs, rubber gommets, and some leaf switches.

The video board was the most disappointing. I only found two items that are potentially useful (to me anyway). There are two crystals on the board a 27Mhz and a 38.8688Mhz. These are potentially useful for PIC processor projects or any type of RF project.

Power BoardThe power board was interesting, because it was the cause of the failures of this player. The main power capacitor was domed and was a couple of the smaller capacitors on the board. You might be able to make them out in the photo. I did salvage a couple of inductors (lots of small gauge magnet wire) and some diodes.All the bits

Here are the main parts before I started removing bits and pieces. The power board is on the left, top center is the DVD drive, right is the video board, and bottom center is the LCD module.

The big chunk of wire on the far right is the main power switch. It is connected to a two pin female connector. This could be useful, so I am keeping it as is.


Motors, leaf switches, crystals

So, here is the grand total of salvaged stuff:

SSP4N60AS Advanced Power MOFET
KA3842B SMPS Controller
KA431AZ Programmable Shunt Regulator
3 motors
Lots of springs and rubber gommets
Couple of gears and a pullyPower board bits
1 resonator
2 crystals 27MHZ and 38.8688MHZ
1 IR receiver
3 small signal diodes
4 push button momentary switches
2 leaf switches