Geeky Things!

A GThing Science Project - This is the personal blog of Sam Garfield.
Dan's Data - PC hardware and gadgets independently reviewed - The social news network
Engadget - Latest technology news
ExtremeTech - Deep technology for enthusiasts and professionals
Gear Live - Enter the High Tech Lifestyle
Revision3 - Tech and Social News Video Podcasts
Hak.5 - Darren Kitchen's Video Blog, all things tech/hack - Trust your technolust!
Street Tech - hardware beyond the hype
Alice Hill's Real Tech News - Independent Tech
Daily Cup of Tech - Bean There, Done Tech
Worse Than Failure: Curious Perversions in Information Technology
TechDispenser - The ComputerWorld Blog Network
PCMech - Computers and Technology for Normal People (aka PC Mechanic)
[Geeks Are Sexy] Technology News - We make technology sexy
TeamDroid - Geeky news from around the world, search by category!

Software Things!

FileForum and Beta News - Keep up to date on the latest releases
Download Squad - Software reviews and more
Rob van der Woude's Scripting Pages - Batch Files, Rexx, KiXtart, Perl, VBScript & more
AutoIt3 - Forums - Get answers and sample scripts here!
Free Software Daily- Free Software News

Fun Things!

BOFH - Adventures of the Bastard Operator from Hell
we make money not art - Interesting collection of Technolgy in Art
The Art of Motion Control - The Art Machines of Bruce Shapiro
Free Geekery- 50 Other Sites to Buy, Rent, or Snag Goods (and Get Cool Free Stuff)


This is a collection of some of the web sites I visit. Feel free to let me know about something you use or that I should add here. Drop me an email...