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the Brass Beast 2

the Brass Beast 2

Photopopper Schematic

SE 1381 Freeform diagram

Miller SE Schematics From
Solarbotics BEAM Library

Circuit used: Miller SE from Solarbotics BEAM Library. There is an excellent Freeform diagram

Construction Notes: The BEAM definition of a symet is a symmetrical bot. It uses its simple design to avoid obstacles with a single motor and no sensors. Check out Solarbotic's Bestiary entry on Symets.

August 5, 2008: Well, I wasn't satisfied with the performance of the original beast. So, I decided to try the beast with some added caps and a different engine. I went for the 1381Q which triggers at 3.8V. I added 3 additional 3300uF capacitors. Since they are physically larger than the 1800uF capacitors that are the original ones, the brass ring did not fit any longer. I angled the 3300uF caps down to compensate.

The solar cell assembly and mounting remained the same. If you take a closer look at the bottom pictures, you may notice the pivot point is a bit sharper. It helps to let the bot tip to the side easier.

The performance is most acceptable now. Good solid burst of activity, though it does take a bit to charge all those capacitors.

Check out the larger pictures in the BEAM Gallery.

Miller SE

Miller SE with 1381Q

Brass beast from side

The beast with new capacitors added

SE Installed

Miller SE installed, solar cell temp installed for testing

Miller SE Installed

Miller SE installed

Bottom view beast

Brass Beast 2 from the bottom

Beast from the bottom

The finished beast from the bottom


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