BEAM Robotics!

BEAM Yahoo Group - Great source of informatioin and help building your own.
Encyclobeamia BEAM Site - Find out what BEAM Robotics is all about!
Costa Rica BEAM - Best collection of BEAM circuits on the net
BEAM Refernce Library of Circuits
The BEAM Beastiary - A gallery/web index/explanation of the various BEAM robots
Component Data Sheets - for the most common BEAM parts
Andy Pang's SolarBug site - This is the site that got me started
The Grant BEAM Robotics Page - One of the first on this journey
The Grant BEAM Robotics Page - The Circuit Page
The Interesting World of Stepan Novotill - Great collection of BEAM an other electronic projects
BEAMBugs Site - Good writeups on his projects with schematics
Ray Diaz's BEAMbot Site - Lots of good information and tutorials
Big Art's BEAM Site - A real master of Aestetics, great inspirational site
Math Vos Web Site - Master builder
The BreadBoard BEAM Site - Plans, drawings, PCBs and lots more
Wilf Rigter's NuPages - A collecton of emails posted by Wilf Rigter on BEAM. Great explanations.
Solarbotics Web Store - Kits, Parts and More, check them out. Big supporter of the BEAM community.

This is a collection of some of the BEAM sites I visit. Feel free to let me know about something you use or that I should add here. Drop me an email...