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June 3, 2008:
Project Pitfall from© Vader-1 from©Ok, this is the start. I am just trying to decide on a format to work with. I am going to try to start by taking some pictures of the assembled bits and pieces that are going into it.

I read a article in Make magazine, "Retro Game Heaven: The Atari 2600 PC©" (from Make: 02 Home Entertainment, Page 50), which really got me exited. (As a side note, if you haven't read Make Magazine...go and find a copy--you won't regret it!) I had an Atari 2600 growing up and it was my first game system. I managed to pickup two non-working Atari 2600's for $15 off of Ebay. One was just the casing, the other was complete including joysticks, paddles and a selection of games. Further inspiration for this mod came from other web sites:'s Project Pitfall,'s article on Joe and Jesse Nuzzo's Vader ITX Mod, and others...

Intel D865GV MainboardMod Victim - Atari 2600© Cost is the major player in this mod. Most of the items I have purchased were from Computer mainboard that I have selected is an Intel D865GV with and embedded Celeron M 1.3GHz CPU. I went this route for lowest cost with a fanless design. Since this mod is not going to be a hard core gaming rig (some word processing/web surfing and Atari ROMs really don't require much), Microsoft Wireless KeyboardI did not see the need for more. Couple it with 512MB DDR memory and it will be more than snappy enough with Windows XP Professional installed. I got a pulled laptop DVD/CD-RW for it as well. I picked up a Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 1000 for the keyboard and mouse setup. I will tear the USB wireless apart and mount it inside the box. I think this will be the cleanest design. The only part that I am lacking is the power supply. I am looking at the picoPSU-120 from It is a 120W output, 12v input DC-DC power supply for $49.95. Not bad considering the size...and it is fanless as well.

The only other bit that I may purchase is an Atari joystick to USB adapter. used to carry the Stelladapter 2600 to USB interface for $34.95. But their store has been down since The Planet data center explosion. I am reluctant to do this because it would add another $70 to the cost. So, I will have to see if I can source them somewhere else for a better price.

I will be doing a final cost talley as well. I have bought most of this stuff over a two year period and in spurts. So, some prices may be 'best guess' or just current market value.

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