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Finished Polargraph

Arduino Robot Tank - ARTy, powered by 4 AA cells and one 9v.

Front view of ARTy

Front View

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August 3, 2013: I got the headlights and tail lights working. The latest code can be had here. I needed a small transistor switch to turn them on and off to keep from burning out a port my arduino. All ports are limited to 40ma AND NOT recommended to go over 20ma. Since the LEDs I chose (Red, 2.2v, 24ma; White, 3.4v, 24ma), you can see that 2 on a port could draw up to 44ma. Not a good idea. You can see the circuit I used here.

Here are the parts for the transistor switches:

MPS222A transistors - 2 ea. though pretty much any NPN transistor will work.
Red LEDs - 2 ea. the ones I used are 2.2v at 24ma.
White LEDs - 2ea. the ones I used here are 3.2v at 24ma.
1K resistor - 2ea.
54 ohm resistor (for the red LEDs)
150 ohm resistor (for the white LEDs)

I attached power from the breadboard, giving it 5V and grounded it there as well. The code currently has the headlights on all the time and the break lights only at a stop. I put ARTy on some blocks so I could run him and show the lights working. I left the light sensors on, so I suppose I could use them to turn on the headlights when it gets dark.

I have the Bluetooth reporting as well to my Android phone using the BlueTerm app. The next step is to get an app to control ARTy...

If you have any questions about this project, email me.

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HeadLights on!

Here is a picture showing the headlights on.

Click image for bigger picture.

Side View

Here is a side view showing the transistor switches for the lights. You can only pull a max of 40ma per port. 2 LEDs are 44ma...

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Closeup of PCB

This is a close up of the PCB protoboard. I didn't want to take the time to etch a board... Here is the schematic.

Click image for bigger picture.

Brake Lights

Here is a picture showing the breaklights working.

Click image for bigger picture.

Soldered MotorShield

This is how the top of the motorshield is now configured. I have soldered up the lights to A5 and A4 (pins 18 and 19).

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BlueTerm displaying data from ARTy! It Works!!!

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