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Finished Polargraph

Arduino Robot Tank - ARTy, powered by 4 AA cells and one 9v.

Front view of ART

Front View

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July 31, 2013: UUUGGHHHH!!!! I started having power issues after I got the code for the Bluetooth added. It was quite frustrating. So, I decided that I was going to fix the issue and instead of just looping the wires around the pins going into the arduino, I soldered them onto the motorshield. I also repositioned the main power switch.

However, this did not fix my issues... Step one, check your batteries... and use fresh batteries. ARTy works fine if connected to the USB port. Should have been my first clue. Oh well. Work tired and that is what you get.

After I solved the power issue, I uploaded the new code implementing the bluetooth and then I notice a behavior that should not have happened. When an obstruction is dectected, ARTy should do a full stop then scan. The right motor kept turning... Well, then I though... What could be causing it? Well, I went back to the last good code and it was working fine. So I started in dribs and drabs until I got to the line:

SoftwareSerial BTooth(10, 11); // RX, TX

The problem is the the motorshield uses a lot of pins... I found that I could use 2 and 13! YES! A little de-soldering and re-soldering and ARTy lives!

Here is the latest code (NewRobotCode_V4). I left in the serial monitor outputs to cross check my Bluetooth. Eventually, those lines will go. I guess I need to either find an Android app or make one.

If you have any questions about this project, email me.

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Soldered Motor Shield

Here is a close up of the motorshield after soldering. I even soldered the power and ground connectors to pins. I took this picture before moving pins 10 and 11 to 2 and 13.

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Soldered Motor Shield

Here is a different view. Pins 10 and 11 have now been moved to pins 2 and 13 respectively.

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Closeup of breadboard

This is a close up of the breadboard. I put pins on all of the loose wires going from the motorshield.

Click image for bigger picture.

switch move

Here is a picture showing the new switch position. Originally it was behind the servo. PITA to turn on and off.

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New view of top of ARTy

This is how the top of ARTy is now configured. Remember pins 10 and 11 are now 2 and 13.

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