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 Arduino Uno R3

The Arduino Uno R3

Arduino with ProtoShield installed.

February 29, 2012: I have been somewhat intreged by the Arduino frenzy that is out there. I ordered one recently from AdaFruit Industries. I ordered the Arduino Starter Pack. It came with a ProtoSheild that needed to be assembled. After assembly, I started going through the tutorials. I only did the tutorials 0 and lesson one.

I remembered that I had purchases some 4x20 HD44780 LCD displays a long time ago and thought I could figure out how to hook it up. Fortunately, I had the schematic hook up for my display as I needed to hook up the backlight (you will see it in the pictures below). Another great thing about Arduinos is the amount of stuff out there. I found a tutorial on the Arduino site  for using LCDs (see it here).

But before you start, you need to download the latest Arduino software. They have pretty much every flavor you will need to get programming. The AdaFruit tutorials walk you though installing and setting it up. It will walk you through setting it up and uploading your first 'sketch' - program.

After hooking up the LCD to the ProtoShield, and wiring it up (see the Arduino LCD tutorial). I uploaded thier sketch. A little tweaking and reading about the LCD commands and I was using all 4 lines! Here is my sketch. I have ordered a few more things to take it up a notch or two. I have a few more things I want to do with this setup.

March 15, 2012: I did miss one thing. The datasheet for the LCD that I am using. You can get it here. I am also going to make a shield of my own for this so that it could be easily used elsewhere without wires all over the place. You can also get to a pictoral schematic here or an actual schematic here. The link to the Arduino LCD tutorial page is above.

Bare ProtoShield

This is the bare ProtoShield. AdaFruit has excellent instructions on how to put it together.

ProtoShield Parts

Here is what came in the ProtoShield kit. Everything needed but tools and solder.

Completed ProtoShield

The completed ProtoShield

Arduino with ProtoSheild installed

Arduino with ProtoSheild installed.

LCD Display on ProtoShield

LCD Display on ProtoShield

Close up of LCD Display

Close up  of LCD Display


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