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December 1, 2011: I have done similar projects before, but this is the first one that I actually took pictures of. I opted to use the on off switch, just because they added a resistor in there and I wasn't sure too sure why (see picture below with the mystery resistor). The specs on the package say 4.5VDC at 0.68W, using 3-C size batteries. Well, after forgetting to turn it off one evening when I left work, I decided something must be done. C batteries aren't cheap and don't grow on trees. Since USB operates at 5VDC, I figured, why not!

This little mini-mod took me all of about 15 minutes to do, minus clean up.

Parts:Model 62-979AB, 30 Count LED teeny Light Set. I got mine at my local WalMart. I think they were under $8 or so. I really wasn't paying much attention... Ohhh... LEDs... Sparkly!

Tools: Dremel® (Check out their website) or any type of rotary tool, and a cutting bit or a drill. And of course, a soldering iron. I also used my trusty hot melt glue gun.


Finished Project

Finished Christmas Lights powered by USB! Ohhhh.... Sparkly!

Label from box

Finished with label on the box

Mystery resistor

You can just make out he mystery resistor going from the switch to the positve terminal.

Soldered in

Here is the end of the cable soldered in. If it is a standard cable RED is +5V VCC and BLACK is Ground.

Finished Mod

All done!



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