Talking Skull Gallery

Aug 19, 2017

More fun stuff!

Posted by: Keith

I am getting really frustrated with my talking skull. I had bits of it working, then it quit working... I am thinking it is a combination of things. I think the Arduino I was using, overheated for some reason and the install of the Arduino IDE software has something wrong with it. I was able to get it to compile with the web version of the software, so I am pretty sure that is it. I had to order a couple of more bits for the mp3 player part. Once I get those in, I will pick it up again. It shouldn't take too long to get it all put together from there.

I also started painting minis again (First Paints)... Well, some not so mini I just finished one that is 135mm tall (Hannibal the monster), not the standard 25mm. I am 3d printing some and found a couple of mini boxed sets (two old Grenadier Dragon Lords sets!) that I hadn't painted yet. So, it is the start of a painting adventure using new paints (acrylics) and trying different things in basing and finishing that I haven't done before. At some point, I may reprint Hannibal at a higher resolution and do a better job painting. He has a lot of flesh tones showing and as I said before, I am really just learning how to use this new (to me) medium.

You will find them on the new Painting Projects page. I have also uploaded closeups (some are not too pretty!) to the gallery.