Sep 1, 2015

September 1, 2015

Posted by: Keith

It has been a busy month. I did finally get my mini quad and big quad repaired and in the air again. I still have some tweaking to do and it has been a bit too windy. I also had enough spare parts on hand to put together a mini tricopter. I am also testing a product called 3D-EEZ, a 3d printing bed film for printing on. I will get a review posted at some point.

My quads are both running KK2 boards. The mini quad has the KK-Mini on it. Works exactly the same as the full size including the LCD... though it is a bit smaller. I had forgotten what a challenge the MWC Flip 1.5 by Ready to Fly Quads. That and it is a really small mini tricopter. 

I 3d printed the frame which I downloaded from thingiverse. It is the Micro Tricopter by Kezat. You can print this on a small bed printer as well. I salvalged the parts from my original mini-quad since I damaged one motor, that left three good ones... = Tricopter!

I will post up some pictures shortly... of my repairs and newly printed flying machines.