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Jul 4, 2017

First Blog Post - Site Re-design

Posted by: Keith

This is the first entry for the new site. The old site can be found at old.akapplegarth.us. All of the projects, photos, and assorted stuff is still there. I do have quite a few things lined up for this site.

I have a new 3d printer, and a few other projects already done that I need to take some pictures of and write up. So, it will grow as quickly as I can get it done.

Since the new upgrade to the CMS Made Simple would not allow me to just migrate and upgrade (believe me, I tried), I am going to have to re-learn quite a bit to get it back to where I want it. Seems like everything I tweaked on, I have forgotten. But, I will get it back going.





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Aug 19, 2017
Category: General
Posted by: Keith

New project page is up... First Paints. The Talking Skull project is on temporary hold waiting on some more parts... Read more on the blog entry...

Aug 10, 2017
Category: General
Posted by: Keith

The K2SO half-scale head is done! Check out the project page and gallery.

I have also printed and painted some Lovecraftian 3d Prints. Check out that project page and gallery.



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